Stichting film des forêts foundation

The aim of Film des Forêts

Film des Forêts brings short films to a public.
There are new short films every year. These films are made by passionate filmmakers.

A lot of these films are only available at festivals, and are very rarely showed on TV. So only the incrowd and the connoisseurs will see these film's, what a pity!

In Film des Forêts these beautifull and special films are shown to a broader public.
We show not only the latest productions, but also productions from earlier years. It is about quality. The collection is very diverse. Animations, documentaries, a visual or relaxed film, or a art inspired film.

At Film des Forêts it is also about the place where the films are set, outside in a park or town, on an unusual place.
People can enjoy the moment with each other. People are surprised, not only by the films but also by the surroundings. The entourage is filled with other picturesque art forms. One can look at fantasy images and listen to the sounds in the room.

It is a surprise to discover art in the neighbourhood, the area is altered through light images.
The events are held throughout Europe.