Stichting film des forĂȘts foundation

Jan Bekkering

The founder.

Jan Bekkering

Born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Studie: Structural engineer (HTS-Bouwkunde) in Rotterdam

In 2002 I started with the outdoor screenings in France. My father and his wife had a beautiful place to organize a event like this. The location was a castle, with a beautiful landscape and a forest.

After 2005 they sold everything, this was because of my fathers health and the size of there project.

One year I have been traveling around to seek other locations for my event. I was searching far away but I found it very near: In front of my apartment. "film in de buurt" was born.

This was my new startingpoint. I like to show short films as much as possible. And I want to make a connection with people. To make them happy seeing these beautiful films. I like the atmosphere of an outdoor event.


My tast of short films:

I like human films, mostly films with less dialoge. Like Intimisto by Licia Eminenti. Or Alumbramieto by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson. And this year I had in my program Szalontüdö ; Tripe and Onions wich is also my favourite. In Uppsala I saw some olderfilms wich I like to have for this year in my programme and I saw also the work of Geir Greni of Norway.

I like every film I choose. But I also make a programme with a theme for other festivals.

But I have more intrests, you can see it by this pictures.