Stichting film des forĂȘts foundation

Sugarly Sweet Film Festival

The Sugarly Sweet Film Festival is a theme festival, at which viewers can watch

melodrama and feel-good movies. 14, 15, 16 and 17th of Novembre 2019.

It will take place in Schiedam (next to Rotterdam)

Approx. 90 long movies will be shown on 15 historical locations in Schiedam.

The festival can be visited for free.

In the last years much work has been done to promote short films too.

Since 2014 a short film competition will be added to the festival.

The challenge lies in showing a short film before a long movie starts.

It’s a unique way of letting people become more familiar with short films.

This short film should last no longer than 4 minutes.

A film jury will be assembled and the winning film will be rewarded with a sum of money.

I’m looking for short films which fit in the sugarly sweet-theme.

Entries close 1 July.

Email address: filmdesforets@gmail.comTo Jan Bekkering

After choosing the fil I need a film-file and a video still.

I would prefer it if the chosen film can also be shown as a 'DCP file'. If there is no DCP file, I can make it by my self.

There will be a jury of the field and the winner gets the "Silver Tear" and also 500,- .

(There will be only one price to be given)

If you want to attend the festival, we provide a free sleeping place in Schiedam. We don’t pay travelling costs.

The  winner of 2014: Sandy by Jonathan Mann. (GB)

jury: Laura van de Sman / coördinator PR en communicatie for Go Short

Erwin van ‘t Hart / programmer for International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)

Eef de Graaf / Filmmaker

The winner of 2015: Car Park by Ant Blades. (GB)

Jury: Michiel Snijders / animation producer by IL Luster, Saskia Smit bordmember of Wenneker Cinema, Mathijs Geijskens / Filmmaker

The winner of 2016: Stems by Ainslie Henderson. (GB)

Jury: Bas de Leijer, programmer of Cinenoord and Filmmaker, Noud Neerkens / Filmmaker

Olga van der Brand / animation filmmaker

The winner of 2017: Instincts of a party animal by Lynn de Rijk (NL)

Jury of 2017: Digna van der Put / animation filmmaker, Fay Breeman / Hubert Bals Fund IFFR

Niels Bourgonje / Filmmaker

The winner of 2018: Another Sunny Day by Tim Huebschle (Namibië)

Jury: Pau Han Kho / martial artist and filmmaker, Ben Brand / Filmmaker, Ivo Wever / head of production at the Dutch Film Festival.